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Our Mission

The mission of Student Success Advocates is to support students in making the most of their University of Utah experience. As caring, knowledgeable professionals, Student Success Advocates engage and empower undergraduate students in exploring and clarifying their interests and goals, overcoming personal and academic challenges, and connecting to campus resources and opportunities. Our holistic, individualized, mobile approach allows us to meet students right where they are.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are Students Success Advocates?

Student Success Advocates are experts about the U of U community, student learning, and college student development. We know about the multitude of opportunities and services the University has to offer. We are committed to serving you and your particular situation so that you can make the most of your undergraduate experience. We work to empower you as a student to identify direction, engage in high impact activities/services, and accomplish goals. 

Q: What do Student Success Advocates do?

Student Success Advocates assist you with identifying goals, developing empowerment strategies, and planning your engagement with high-impact educational practices.

Student Success Advocates provide you with tools and strategies to help you succeed academically and, ultimately, professionally.

Student Success Advocates meet you where you are, literally, anywhere on campus. We also meet you where you are in your life to support you in discovering what being in college means to you and help you connect to programs, offices, and initiatives that will enhance the value of your college degree, add meaning to your University of Utah experience, and increase your marketability after graduation.

Q: Where do I find my Student Success Advocate?

One of the unique things about our initiative is that we come to you. We are everywhere you are on campus: classroom buildings, the Union, shuttles, plazas, the Marriott Library, cafes. Look for us! Or feel free to contact us to learn more or make an appointment. The Student Success and Empowerment Initiative is not a place. It’s what we do with you to help you make your vision a reality!






Last Updated: 8/4/20